Has only 21 years old, is a native of Murcia, and lives in a mansion in Andorra: “If I can save all the money as you can during these years, as the better”

By what my son has been hooked on Fortnite?

The idols of your children are millionaires, are taxed on their income outside of Spain, are on all the screens, and boast of mansions and sports. They are not footballers, eye: are youtubers like ElRubius, Willyrex o Vegetta777. But, in the same way that a Ronaldo he was replaced by another Ronaldo, something is stewing among youtubers.

Here comes David Cánovas, or TheGrefg, a young murcian 21 years of age who could well represent the second generation of youtubers from Spain. He started making videos in 2015 and only in 2018 has doubled subscribers: four to eight million. And he, as well: “how seriously I have doubled the figure? I do not watch much numbers, sincerely.”

industry experts suggest that this murciano almost without accent can be the new ElRubius. The difference is that TheGrefg is dedicated to this because she saw your success and wanted it for him. “The people I see now as something big, but I was there when Rubius is unveiled, as a subscriber more.” The direct comparison avoids it half in jest: “it Is difficult to be a new Rubius because he has not gotten into the messes in which I’ve gotten me.”

The salseo, the controversy, seems to be a constant in your world, but TheGrefg has not gotten nearly into trouble. “You realize that a lot of people take your example. What you say reaches many so close are the videos, and I feel almost as if I had an obligation pedagogic”.

The only thing reprehensible is something that is common to all the youtubers: the question of Andorra. Joked that the principality has not had a single murder in the last few years and says that “in Spain we’re confident, but there is more crime, more robberies, more murders”. But let’s clear the real reason why you have a home in the mountains is for the tax advantages: by “the tax issue”.

“This is a clash between morality and legality, of course, but to donate half of what I earn because ‘I love my country’… I don’t see it,” he admits. “When you’re in my situation, you change your way of thinking”.

I’d love to give example by paying my taxes in my country, but I have to look for me. We don’t know how long will this last YouTube

does anyone think of the children? Do not concerned to give a bad example? Your audience has between 12 and 21 years. “I’d love to give example by paying my taxes in my country, but I have to look for me. We don’t know how long will this last on YouTube, and if I can save all the money as you can during these years, for the better. And it is all legal. Andorra is not a tax haven… Who else should learn from this that we youtubers and athletes and so many other people are the politicians: if you raise taxes to pay more than the rich people, these people will do whatever it takes to pay them off”.

The youtubers are afraid that YouTube will betray you, because the monetization is becoming more complicated and the algorithm, a traitor. “What you pay YouTube per visit is ridiculous. People think you win a lot, but to have a decent wage, you need millions of views a day”.

The dependence of the popular video games do not help. TheGrefg does not speak of anything other than Fortnite on their channel. What if it stopped being popular tomorrow? “It’s something that always happens on YouTube. If it stops working, so do videos of something else.” This instability has made all the big youtubers depend on the commercial arrangements out of its channel and not so much of what you create. “Today, my income depends on more of the marks than what you pay for YouTube.”

For example, TheGrefg, held on Monday in the centre of Madrid that its eSports team, Heretics, has renewed its agreement with San Miguel. This is a very innocent, something that is not always in the ocean of YouTube. Promotion and content are separated by a line and diffuse. “In the US, everything you promote you must say that what you are promoting, but in Spain it is not so. I think that it should be more defined, like you see an ad on tv, that a youtuber could do something similar and that was contributing something to their content”.

The transition from being a kid playing the console to be a celebrity more than you will rub elbows with footballers and models is more than complete, although TheGrefg don’t want to lose sight of what has made him succeed. “As a footballer you have to be focused on playing, we have to focus on the videos. As soon as you forget that and you think you are the best, that is when you fail”.

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