Anjana Vasan Embraces Her Villain Era in Season 2 of We Are Lady Parts

The talented actress Anjana Vasan is making waves with her portrayal of Amina in the hit comedy series We Are Lady Parts. In a recent interview with BBC News, Vasan opened up about her character’s journey and how it mirrors her own beliefs.

At 37, Vasan is unapologetically embracing her “villain era,” just like Amina. Both Vasan and her character refuse to be people pleasers, saying no when necessary and standing firm on their non-negotiables. This season, viewers can expect to see Amina and her bandmates facing new challenges while celebrating girl power and individuality.

The show, created by Nida Manzoor, follows five diverse Muslim women in London who bond over their love of punk rock. Vasan’s co-star Juliette Motamed, who plays the drummer Ayesha, expressed her gratitude for the strong bond among the cast members.

Director and writer Nida Manzoor emphasized the importance of showcasing Muslim women on screen, highlighting the nuances and individuality within the community. The second season of the show features cameos from notable figures like Malala Yousafzai and Meera Syal, adding to the excitement.

Vasan’s versatile acting career includes roles in popular series like Killing Eve and Black Mirror. Despite facing challenges, she remains committed to portraying multifaceted characters with depth and complexity.

As the second season of We Are Lady Parts premieres on May 30, fans can look forward to more empowering and entertaining moments from Anjana Vasan and the talented cast.