A 1-month-old little girl was kidnapped on Thursday between 7:35 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. from Meaux hospital, in Seine-et-Marne. The kidnapping alert plan was triggered on Friday January 19, announced the national police, who suspect the mother.

“Neilylah, female, 1 month old,” is an “African type baby, black curly hair, measuring 50 centimeters and weighing approximately 3 kilos,” police said.

“The suspect is his mother, Tracy [aka Chelsea] Ngoie, aged 21, 1.73 meters tall, African type, black eyes, black hair, normal build, wearing a white t-shirt, gray pants and a red satin bonnet,” it is stated.

The Meaux public prosecutor will hold a press briefing on Friday at 7 p.m. “If you locate the child, do not intervene yourself, immediately call 197 or send an email to alert-enlevement@interieur.gouv.fr,” recommends the judicial police.

Massive and immediate alert

The Abduction Alert plan is a massive and immediate alert system deployed to help in the search for a suspected abducted child. It is largely inspired by the Amber Alert plan, created in Texas in 1996, after the kidnapping and murder of little Amber Hagerman.

Adopted in France in February 2006, it consists of launching a massive alert in the event of the abduction of a minor child to mobilize the population in the search for the child and their kidnapper. It has been triggered in France around thirty times.

It is only activated if several criteria are met: there must be a proven kidnapping and not a simple disappearance, the victim must be a minor, their physical integrity or their life must be in danger and elements of information must make it possible to locate them .

Its previous activation dates back to June 7 for the kidnapping in Dunkirk, in the North, of little Malek, 8 years old, found safe and sound in Italy with her father the next day.