The nine suspects arrested after the death of Thomas, a 16-year-old teenager killed on November 19 in Crépol, in Drôme, were indicted for various charges including “organized gang murder”, “attempted murder” or “violence volunteers committed in meetings”, Saturday November 25. The elucidation of the facts is “not complete”, specified the public prosecutor of Valencia, Laurent de Caigny.

The nine suspects were arrested and placed in police custody on Tuesday as part of the investigation into “murder” and “attempted murder by an organized gang” led by the gendarmes after the tragedy that occurred last Saturday night in front of the village hall of Crépol. Among them, a 20-year-old youth was “formally designated as the perpetrator of the fatal stabbing” according to the prosecutor.

Their police custody could last up to 96 hours and was to “contribute to establishing or confirming the involvement and role of the individuals arrested in the events at Crépol or, for some, in the flight” of those who left for Toulouse, had press release Laurent de Caigny.

Three of them are minors over 16 years old, the others are between 19 and 22 years old, some are known to the courts. The most serious conviction concerns a 21-year-old born in Romans-sur-Isère: two years in prison for aggravated violence.

Clashes in Romans-sur-Isère

According to France Bleu Ardèche, several dozen far-right activists entered the Monnaie district, in Romans-sur-Isère, shouting “Justice for Thomas! “. “Some overturned trash cans and set containers on fire,” said the media, which added that 20 people were arrested, three of whom were slightly injured.

Thomas, a 16-year-old high school student who came to participate in the Crépol winter ball, died while emergency services were taking him to a hospital in Lyon. In addition to this death, the violence left eight people injured, including two young people aged 28 and 23 who were hospitalized in serious condition. After a funeral on Friday, a final tribute will be paid to Thomas in the form of a minute of silence during rugby matches this weekend, a sport he played.