Identifying available public land, transforming vacant offices or even encouraging more shared accommodation in social housing: the ministries of higher education and housing unveiled, Friday, December 1, their avenues for building 35,000 student housing units. here at the end of the five-year term.

The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, promised in mid-November the construction of 35,000 additional student accommodations within three years (in addition to the more than 30,000 student accommodations whose construction is already underway). These new accommodations will mainly be created as social university residences, and the rest as intermediate residences.

The student social housing supply is around 240,000, including 175,000 managed by the Crous. But, “to find accommodation in the private sector, part of the assistance measures offered still too often suffer from non-recourse”, explain the two ministries, which promise that “work will be carried out with the main institutional operators intermediate housing to more easily open part of their stock to student rentals”. “The lack of available land is the main limitation to be overcome. This requires mobilizing all stakeholders,” they emphasize.

Strengthening co-locations

To achieve this, the two ministries want “the available State land [property] to be made available free of charge to the Crous”. Some “11,200 housing units could be created in this pool,” they assure.

The two ministries also mention “the transformation of vacant offices” into student accommodation. “The configuration of many tertiary buildings lends itself better to transformation into managed residences rather than family housing,” they assure. “The strengthening of student, intergenerational or project shared accommodation will be encouraged in the social park. »

A national agreement will be “signed by the end of 2023” to commit all partners (community associations, France universities, Cnous, Social Union for Housing, intermediary landlords, Bank of Territories , promoters). An interministerial delegate will also be appointed before the end of 2023.