The Germans are causing chaos with their inefficiency, first with a failing rail network for Euro 2024 travelers and now with long waits for media at security checks. Journalists had to wait for up to an hour, with photographers also in line, unlike previous tournaments. Despite the delays, some English journalists managed to skip the line by spotting a familiar face and pushing in. This behavior may not bother them, but it certainly adds to the chaos.

Former Germany international Didi Hamann made controversial comments about England’s chances with Jordan Pickford as goalkeeper. Hamann claimed England would never win a major tournament with Pickford in goal, adding fuel to the fire before England’s opening game against Serbia. Despite this motivation, Pickford remained focused on the game, not letting the comments affect him.

UEFA promoted Euro 2024 as one of the most sustainable tournaments, but the England squad chose to fly from Erfurt to Gelsenkirchen for their opening match instead of taking a train. This decision goes against the sustainability goals set by UEFA, showing a lack of commitment from the FA and England team. However, the squad is expected to take the train to Frankfurt for their second game against Denmark.

In Gelsenkirchen, Harry Kane may be a popular figure following his successful season at Bayern Munich, but Serbian player Dusan Tadic stole the spotlight as the most popular player in the city. Tadic, who plays for Fenerbahce, was mobbed by fans from the Turkish community in Gelsenkirchen, overshadowing Kane’s presence in the city.

Despite medical advice, Scott Wharton, the brother of Adam Wharton, was determined not to miss England’s opening game at Euro 2024. Recovering from a knee operation, Scott couldn’t fly, so he and his partner drove to Germany to support the team. This dedication shows the passion and commitment fans have for their national team, going to great lengths to be part of the experience.