A necklace is a beautiful addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It can compliment your outfit, making you stand out. And the good news? You will get varied designs in the market and you can always get the right piece for your body proportion.

Here are things to know when shopping for a necklace:

1. Different lengths suit different outfits and body types

Necklaces come in varying lengths, and you will get them in all manner of inches. Some fall at the base of the neck while others hang loosely around the neck. It’s easy to choose your necklace depending on where it reaches on the neck rather than the length. For instance, if you have a sleek waist and love showing off your waist, choose a necklace that ends at your bust.

Below are more suggestions;

– A 14” necklace will wrap closely around your neck and is similar to a chocker.

– A 16” piece sits at the base of your neck like a collar necklace.

– A18” necklace will sit elegantly on your collarbone

– A 20” necklace falls between your collarbone and your bust

– A 22-24” will fall slightly above the top of your bust.

– A 30-36” necklace will fall at your waist

The necklace shape matters

The necklace should compliment your body type and facial looks. You will get necklaces in different shapes such as V shapes, round necklaces, and more. A V-shaped pendant re a great way to add some length to your neck, and body frame. They will help soften a large bust or a strong shoulder. On the other hand, traditional round necklaces add volume to small shoulders or small busts especially if you choose the shorter versions.

Think of your body type

When you wear a necklace, remember the focal point will be where it ends! You don’t want people to look at undesirable parts of your body, instead let it end where you want to highlight. If you love your bust, let your necklace end there, or choose a long one if you have a chic waist.

If you have a small bust, a long thin necklace or one that’s layered with chains will be a great pick. Similarly, avoid a necklace that lands below the bust if you have a big bust, and instead, choose a matinee necklace.

Your facial shape determines your overall look

A necklace is a great accessory for your outfit, but will help frame your face. It will highlight your strong features if worn right, making it wise to choose what suits your facial shape. For instance, you should avoid a round necklace or chocker if you have a round face for this will accentuate it.

If you have an oval face, you can wear almost any necklace type and length. Similarly, wear a short or round necklace if you have a long-shaped face. This will broaden your face making you stand out.


You will get different necklace shapes and lengths in the market. Acquire high-quality pieces that match your body type. Also, choose other accessories like watches and rings to accentuate your look.