According to the district, a Indiana school teacher was banned from teaching on school grounds after surveillance footage showed him hitting a student last week.

Mike Hosinski, a former teacher at Jimtown High School, slapped a student after confronting him about a hoodie. Baugo Community Schools stated in a press release that the district claimed the student had “suffered visible injury.”

Hosinski appears to have grabbed the student by the backpack, pushed them against the wall and then slapped the student.

The unidentified student appears to have struck their head against the wall and fell to the ground seconds later.

Hosinski could not be reached by NBC News via email or telephone for comment.

Hosinski has been fired from Baugo Community Schools. He is not allowed on school grounds.

The release stated that any threat to student health will be addressed immediately and directly. All Jimmies should be able learn in a safe environment.

According to WNDU, the investigation is being conducted by the Indiana Department of Child Services as well as the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office.