The tone rose very strongly on Thursday, November 30, in the Law Committee of the National Assembly. While the deputies continued to examine the immigration bill, the group La France insoumise (LFI) called for a suspension to follow one of these texts in the hemicycle, registered for their reserved day, known as “parliamentary niche”. . The LFI deputies cited the fact that this text came precisely from the law committee. The president of the committee, Sacha Houlié (Renaissance), responded that he would suspend in the evening, at 9:30 p.m. when the amendments were examined in the hemicycle.

” What is this ? », “intolerable” stormed the LFI deputy Ugo Bernalicis. What followed was an exchange of questions and invectives in the room. The LFI deputies then promised to slow down the examination in committee as much as possible if they failed to obtain a suspension.

According to several deputies, the elected LIOT Christophe Naegelen and Ugo Bernalicis had a brief altercation. There was “physical contact”, but “no violence”, said Renaissance MP Caroline Abadie. Estelle Youssouffa (LIOT) described Ugo Bernalicis as “threatening” towards her. “I remained standing in my place,” insists the latter to Agence France-Presse (AFP), refuting any threat. “Cardboard revolutionary,” National Rally deputy Yoann Gillet told him, in total confusion.

Requests for reciprocal sanctions

The LFI deputy criticized Sacha Houlié for not having, according to him, respected a commitment made at the conference of the presidents of the Assembly, to interrupt the committees, when a text from the committee concerned is examined. Mr. Houlié replied that he himself had raised the problem of the calendar and announced that he was asking for “sanctions” from the President of the Assembly against Ugo Bernalicis for “the trouble he has caused”. “I too am going to ask for sanctions,” reacted Ugo Bernalicis.

“It’s not normal, we work poorly. We cannot have such an important text in committee at the same time as a parliamentary niche,” the president of the socialist group, Boris Vallaud, commented to AFP.