To comply with all the reporting on the coronavirusets effects, got a Lotta Andersson as our new page is up in Värmskog in the Grums municipality in western sweden, that will act as the P4 Värmland, sweden has reported earlier on.

“just listen to it and not be able to make something of myself, I felt like that,” she said.

saw a picture on Twitter, where the neighbors had offered to help out with the shopping for people, which is perhaps isolated on the basis of the coronavirus, so she decided to do the same thing.

Lotta, who wrote a post in a local facebook group for people in the community would know that she was able to help out if there were any that didn’t have to.

‘ Important that the protection of the elderly,”
She believes that there is a danger that the elderly, who may already feel lonely, even more isolated for fear of infection.

If anyone needs help with travel and trade, for example, then we can Raffle set-up.

” I might be able to help you with that, download the the medications you. Or come up with a toapappersrulle. Grab a cup of coffee on the front stairs, or go for a walk. I’m not so scared of getting sick myself, but I do believe that it is important to protect the safety of our seniors. If I were to get sick, I get so ready to stay at home. However, it’s important to see to it that the people still have some kind of social contact.

so far, no one has asked for help, but she has gained a few new facebook friends, and several people wrote comments to that post.

” When that day comes, you will know that I am there. We don’t have any infected in our area that I know of so far, ” she said.
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