President Emmanuel Macron declared Thursday April 11 “to close the hypothesis” of an increase in taxes, defending his economic strategy which “produces results”, during a trip to Bergerac (Dordogne), despite a larger deficit provided that.

“We must respond to this economic shock. The line is simple and has been reaffirmed: we stay the course (full employment, reindustrialization, rearmament of our public services) and we immediately close the hypothesis of saying that we are going to resolve this economic shock with more taxes, French disease. It would take away confidence. We maintain the confidence of households, businesses and our partners,” added the Head of State.

France said on Wednesday that it now anticipates a public deficit of 5.1% of GDP for 2024, which will require finding an additional 10 billion euros this year, for a return to 2.9% of GDP in 2027.

The high figure for the 2024 deficit, initially forecast at 4.4%, is the consequence of the strong slippage recorded in 2023, where it reached 5.5% of GDP instead of the 4.9% forecast, due to much higher revenues. weaker than expected, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance announced.

In front of Bruno Le Maire, with whom he denied having any “disagreement”, Emmanuel Macron insisted that his economic strategy was not “bad”, but on the contrary produced “results”.

“We are the most attractive in Europe, we have some of the best growth in the euro zone, we create jobs and we are getting closer to others. (…) And so all that is good, we must keep it,” he insisted again.