The day after the appointment of Gabriel Attal to Matignon, senior civil servant Emmanuel Moulin, current director of the Treasury and former director of Bruno Le Maire’s cabinet, was named director of Mr. Attal’s cabinet, his entourage announced on Wednesday January 10. of the last. “Currently Director General of the Treasury, Emmanuel Moulin has perfect knowledge of the functioning of the State, which the Prime Minister was able to observe when he worked with him as Minister of Public Accounts,” it was specified.

Touting “his very great professional qualities”, Gabriel Attal’s entourage added that he was taking up his duties on Wednesday, following Jean-Denis Combrexelle, who had held this strategic position with Élisabeth Borne since July 17. Emmanuel Moulin, 55, director of the Treasury since 2020, will form a “pair” with Fanny Anor, the director of Gabriel Attal’s cabinet at the Ministry of Education, he added.

A graduate of Sciences Po and Essec, among others, and an enarque, Emmanuel Moulin was an alternate administrator at the World Bank in Washington (2000-2003), then secretary general of the Paris Club, before launching into the private sector, at Citigroup. After a stint in Christine Lagarde’s office in Bercy in 2007, he joined the Elysée in 2009 as advisor to President Nicolas Sarkozy. After the latter’s departure, he returned to the private sector, successively at Eurotunnel and Mediobanca.