Accused of leaning too far to the right, the government of the new Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, continues to justify itself, four days after his appointment. Questioned on Monday January 15 on France Inter, the spokesperson for the executive, Prisca Thevenot, declared that she had “no impression” that the government was “right-wing”.

“We are moving forward, and above all we are acting with people who want to work,” said the new delegate minister, referring the left to “extreme forces who have only one ambition, which is to prepare for the next elections “.

The team composed by Mr. Attal? “Republican and democratic forces who are committed to a country,” assured Prisca Thevenot, while the heavyweights of the government, such as Bruno Le Maire (economy), Gérald Darmanin (interior) or the newcomer Catherine Vautrin (work, health , solidarity) come from the right.

“What is the left today? Is it the one who sits on the left of the Hemicycle but who does not carry its values? Is she the one who opposed the presidential majority in July 2022 because she did not want us to vote for a purchasing power pack that would protect the French? Is she the one who refuses to pass laws that make progress in the fight against discrimination? Is this the left today? », got carried away Ms. Thevenot.

She nevertheless recalled that “other appointments will follow” in government, particularly in housing and transport. These will be delegated ministers or state secretaries, but not full ministers.

The right-wing tone of the new government arouses unease even among the presidential majority. Several MoDem deputies have expressed public concern about this.