Masks must still be worn until April 7th – but only in practices, nursing homes and clinics. Even in the Federal Ministry of Health, bastion of the mask advocate Karl Lauterbach, it is no longer mandatory. And even the SPD politician himself has now dispensed with it.

After the end of almost all corona protection measures, masks are no longer compulsory in the Federal Ministry of Health either. “With our internal rules, we have now switched to the fact that the mask no longer has to be worn. I also have to live this normality,” said Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach on the ARD program “Maischberger”. For him, too, the mask is no longer part of everyday life.

Lauterbach thanked the people in Germany for complying with the Corona rules. The minister spoke of a “giant achievement” by the population, for which one should be grateful. But the pandemic is not really over. There are still people who become infected with the corona virus, become seriously ill and also die with the virus, as Lauterbach said. However, it is in an endemic state. “We can go back to our normality. And that’s a good thing,” emphasized the minister.

Lauterbach was confident that Germany could now deal well with possible pandemics. There is now a system to look out for viruses in wastewater, in lung practices and in hospitals. Germany is now also able to develop vaccines within a short period of time and has stored protective material. “We are actually much better prepared, at least from a technical point of view,” said the Minister of Health.

Since Wednesday, there have no longer been any mandatory tests for access to health facilities. The mask requirement for employees in medical practices, clinics and care facilities has also been lifted. For residents in nursing homes, the mask requirement has also ended. However, it is valid for visitors to practices, nursing homes and clinics nationwide until April 7th. This should continue to protect risk groups in particular.