In Afghanistan have attacked the attacker, a prison in the East of the country and killed several people. You set fire to on Sunday will begin with a car bomb and stormed the Central prison in the province of Nangarhar, a provincial spokesman said. It is a violent battle with the security forces developed. The terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) confessed to the attack.

According to the interior Ministry were killed in the attack, three people and five others injured. According to representatives of the province, there were up to seven deaths and 25 Wounded. In the attack, many prisoners escaped from prison, were also the authorities. The Taliban rejected any responsibility, since they had announced for the Islamic feast of the sacrifice Eid al-Adha, a country-wide, three-day cease-fire.

On Saturday announced Afghanistan’s domestic intelligence service, the death of the high-ranking IS commander Assadullah Oroksai who had been killed by special forces in Nangarhars provincial capital of Jalalabad. In April, a special command had taken the leader of the IS offshoot in Afghanistan, Aslam Faruki, fixed. Nangarhar was once considered as a stronghold of the IS in Afghanistan, before Afghanistan, had announced the end of 2019 the military victory over the terrorists. Nevertheless, the IS perpetrated again and again attacks in the country.