Successful operation for Gabriel Attal. Promoted this summer to Rue de Grenelle, the young minister saturated the space at the start of the school year by banning the wearing of the abaya in public schools. In our Ipsos-Le Point barometer, the Macronist indeed garners eleven additional points of favorable opinions (37%) and rises to second place in the ranking of political figures. The elected official from the left is making progress especially among elderly people (67% of good opinions, 32 points among those aged 70 and over) and, unsurprisingly, among right-wing sympathizers (57%, 19 points among those aged 70 and over). LR and UDI electorate; 31%, 17 points in the RN electorate) but also in the PS (8). “Such a breakthrough is rare. He was able to attract the light and benefit from an “abaya effect”. Its image stature is therefore shifting to the right,” explains Mathieu Gallard, research director at the Ipsos institute. With his colleagues Bruno Le Maire (4th) and Gérald Darmanin (7th), Gabriel Attal has established himself as a key figure in the government. “The Ministry of Education is extremely difficult, it may be complicated to maintain at such a level. On the right, expectations on the school question are very high,” continues the pollster. If the President and the Prime Minister remain, for their part, stable and becalmed in unpopularity (2 points each), the Head of State, also very present on the subject of school, is however gaining ground in right (9 points). No beneficial effect, however, after Gérald Darmanin’s political offensive (read page 34). The Minister of the Interior is even losing weight on the LR side (- 3 points) and in the ranks of the majority (- 7 points). “His operation was seen more as a launching pad for 2027 and potentially a source of divisions,” analyzes Mathieu Gallard.

The finalist in the 2007 presidential election proposed her candidacy to lead a left-wing union list in the European elections. Without success so far. Dividing, the ex-socialist suffered from strong rejection, with 68% negative judgments. Within her potential camp, however, she enjoys a good rating (37% good opinions among Insoumis and communist sympathizers, 34% in the PS).

After the announcement of his candidacy, the head of the Reconquest list! for the Europeans, a drop of six places. “She was out of the picture, now she’s entering the fight. This decline does not bode well for the future,” according to Mathieu Gallard, of the Ipsos institute. Le Pen’s niece loses five points among RN supporters.