In which political group will the new deputy for Ariège Martine Froger, a socialist dissident, sit? In the PS group anyway, or in the independent group Liot? The decision could be taken on Tuesday, according to parliamentary sources. Martine Froger won Sunday in the second round in a partial legislative election, by 60.2% of the vote over the outgoing LFI Bénédicte Taurine, officially supported by the LFI-EELV-PS-PCF union, in what appeared to be a war of the left.

The independent group Liot, where four PS deputies already disagree with the Nupes, including another elected representative from Ariège, reaches out to him. “She will be able to defend her ideas, if she wishes, alongside us. Unlike others, we will welcome it with the ambition to give it all the place it deserves, “wrote the four socialists who joined Liot, Laurent Panifous (Ariège), David Taupiac (Gers), Jean-Louis Bricout (Aisne) and Benjamin Saint-Huile (North).

The socialist group should decide Tuesday morning whether or not to welcome Martine Froger into its midst. “I want Martine to join the socialist group: she is a socialist, she has her place there”, pleaded on Twitter one of her figures, Valérie Rabault, herself regularly hostile to LFI’s positions. The PS group led by Boris Vallaud includes 31 members and relatives, the Liot group (Liberties, Independents, Overseas and Territories) led by Bertrand Pancher has 20. The arrival of Martine Froger would consolidate this small group and strengthen its means.

Congratulations to Martine Froger on her election as MP for Ariège! I would like Martine to join the @socialistesAN group: she is a socialist ��, she has her place there