Guest of the Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI on Sunday March 26, the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, declared that, since the beginning of the mandate, “sixty-one parliamentarians [had] suffered violence, whether in their office or by mail or on social networks”. According to this count of the services of the Palais-Bourbon, “twenty-two [have been concerned] since March 19”.

If this is a “massive phenomenon”, marked by a 32% increase in violence against elected officials in 2022, this recent resurgence is explained by the challenge of the pension reform. Ms. Braun-Pivet experienced this herself and announced that she had filed a complaint after receiving an “absolutely abominable threatening letter”. “It begins very kindly with, ‘Hello fat Jewish sow. (…) Unfortunately, we no longer have zyklon but iron bars to eliminate this crap Jude, ”read Ms. Braun-Pivet.

“I have two pages like that, obviously I filed a complaint,” she said. According to the President of the Assembly, this letter presents “the same handwriting” as those recently received by two other elected officials from Yvelines, the president of the Renaissance group in the Assembly, Aurore Bergé, and the deputy Marie Lebec (Renaissance). The author attacked in particular Ms. Bergé’s 4-month-old baby, “so small” and who “cannot escape”. “I never imagined that by engaging in politics I would have to suffer anti-Semitism, sexism, verbal abuse, sometimes physical violence through our hotlines,” said Ms. Braun-Pivet.

More generally, Ms. Braun-Pivet castigated the “several hundred individuals who come to break everything” and “undermine our freedoms” on the sidelines of the processions. “These are people who don’t respect anything, certainly not human life,” she argued. She in passing criticized La France insoumise, which “in a way legitimizes” the violence in the demonstrations by considering that “these individuals have good reasons” and that there is an “institutional violence” to which the thugs would only do respond “in reaction and defense”. “It’s a mind-boggling position,” she said indignantly.