The Kremlin is literally showering the Russian population with its war propaganda on state television. Completely different messages suddenly appear on the websites of these broadcasters after hackers gain access. They demand an end to the war in Ukraine.

Unknown hackers placed a message against the war in Ukraine on Russian state television websites. On the streaming portal “” in the evening, for example, next to photos of the destruction in Ukraine, “Putin destroys Russians and Ukrainians! Stop the war!”, as numerous Internet users reported on the net. Russian state television later admitted to a hacker attack on “Smotrim” and the website of the news program “Vesti”.

As a result, “unauthorized content with extremist calls” was displayed for less than an hour. In Russia, the war of aggression in Ukraine is officially called a military special operation. Deviating from the official line is punishable as spreading alleged false information about Russian armed forces.

On Monday night, the “Smotrim” website again showed links to propaganda material, for example about the “liberation” of the embattled eastern Ukrainian industrial region of Donbass and the award of the “Hero of Labor” award by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin.