Every year, when the great Lin River floods, the lands of Ciboulettes find themselves flooded, and the farmers who cultivate the fields along the water see their boundaries erased. So, every year, Ahma, chief surveyor of Ciboulettes, walks the banks of the Lin to measure the land and check that no one is trying to trick their neighbor by moving the boundary markers marking the boundaries between properties a little too far. When she measures a field, Ahma takes all the necessary steps to deduce the information she needs, but never more. The ciboulin fields all have the particularity of having only straight line sides making only right angles between them.

That morning, four farmers from the banks of the Lin asked Ahma to come and measure the perimeter of their respective fields. Returning to her workshop, she hands her notes to her first assistant and asks him to do the calculation. By taking a look at it, the latter is first convinced that he is missing information to be able to respond to his boss’s request. But, looking closer…

For each of fields A, B, C and D, can you determine its perimeter?

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