For the third Time within a few weeks, launched Thursday a space probe to Mars. Early in the Morning at 07.50 PM (local time) on an Atlas-V rocket with the American Mars Rover “Perseverance took off” at the top of the Cape Canaveral on Florida’s Atlantic coast to a flight to the Red planet. According to the recently-launched Mars missions of the United Arab Emirates and China, this project of the American space Agency, Nasa, uses the present favourable constellation of the earth to their outer neighboring planet. After an almost 500-million-Kilometer-long flight Perseverance “(“endurance to achieve,””) Mars in February of next year, and there in a crater in a former river Delta North of the Mars Equator, to land.

The Start of the consortium of the aerospace companies Boeing and Lockheed-built two-stage rocket, however, was only with Russian assistance. The main engine RD-180 first stage of this missile originates from the Russian production. After four minutes of burning time, the liquid fuel-powered engine provided enough thrust to carry the unmanned rocket, with its payload in an earth orbit. From there, the second rocket to the spacecraft level of send in the direction of Mars.

The soil should be brought in samples of the earth

“Perseverance” will be the fifth vehicle that moves away from earth, controlled on the surface of Mars. Since 1997, four of the Mars exploring Rover Nasa successfully the planet. They were all developed by the laboratory of Jet propulsion in Pasadena, and from there controlled.The first two Attempts of the former Soviet Union in 1971, to land Companion on Mars, ended in failure. At the time, another Mars vehicle to the Red planet on-the-go. The Chinese vehicle Tianwen-1 was on 23. July started, but land until the end of April 2021 on Mars. If everything goes according to Plan, should have taken “Perseverance” to the date of the first excursions around its landing site in Jezero crater.