The President of the Republic has put things straight. By inaugurating, Thursday April 4, the Olympic aquatic center of Saint-Denis, which will host the synchronized swimming, diving and water polo events, Emmanuel Macron estimated that the singer Aya Nakamura “speaks to many of our compatriots” and that she “has every place in an opening or closing ceremony of the Games”, seeing in her possible participation “a good thing”.

“I won’t reveal the details here, but if she is part of this ceremony with other artists, I think it’s a good thing,” he insisted. The head of state referred the decision to the artistic director of the opening and closing ceremonies, Thomas Jolly.

He also assured that the “preferred scenario” for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games remained a parade on the Seine: it is “the one that we are preparing, the one that we assume, the one that we want (…) and which the details will be revealed in due course,” he declared, noting however that “fallback scenarios” are being considered depending on the state of the threats.

Aya Nakamura makes fun of her detractors

The possibility that the French-speaking singer, the most streamed in the world, would participate in the festivities surrounding the Paris Games was raised by L’Express magazine a few weeks ago. A hypothesis that neither the artist nor Emmanuel Macron, who would have discussed with her the possibility of a cover of an Edith Piaf song for the occasion, have confirmed. It aroused the indignation of the right and the extreme right, who saw it as a way of “dividing” and “humiliating” the French.

In Doggy, a track released on March 29, Aya Nakamura makes fun of her detractors without changing anything in her style: “I don’t have any enemies, it’s them who don’t like me,” she sings. She. This song, extracts of which were leaked several years ago, was posted online on Friday on streaming platforms by the singer. The clip for Doggy was also revealed, where we see the star ensuring that she is always ready for the “fiesta”, always having the “cardio” for that, surrounded by friends.