Lawrence Fox in Heated Confrontation with London Bus Driver After Car Collision

Lawrence Fox, a 46-year-old political activist, found himself in a heated exchange with a London bus driver following a car collision on a busy road in south London. The incident was captured on video and shared online, showing Fox swearing at the driver after a silver Audi crashed with the red double-decker bus.

In the footage, the bus driver can be seen exiting his vehicle on the busy road as he attempts to explain the situation to the person on the phone. Fox, accompanied by a companion, can be heard accusing the driver of being in the wrong lane and causing the collision.

Both men were seen blaming each other for the crash, with the impact smashing one of the rear doors of the bus. Fox, who is the founder of the right-wing Reclaim Party, refused to comply with the driver’s request to sit in his car and continued to berate him.

Online sleuths conducted an investigation into the incident, revealing that the car Fox was in had an expired MOT as of April, according to government records. The ownership of the vehicle remains unclear.

This altercation comes just a month after Fox was ordered to pay £180,000 in damages for derogatory remarks made towards two individuals during an online dispute. The court deemed his comments to be homophobic, sparking a national controversy.

Fox has expressed his intention to appeal the verdict, emphasizing the surreal nature of the situation. The confrontation with the bus driver adds to the political activist’s recent string of controversies, further fueling public interest in his behavior and actions.