The Serbian central defender of Córdoba Dragisa Gudelj, who was evacuated on Saturday by ambulance to the Reina Sofía hospital from the El Arcángel stadium, where his team played a First RFEF match against Racing de Ferrol, remains in the UCI, where he has spent ” well the night”, so it is expected that it will soon go to the plant.

Córdoba communicated this Sunday that it is “happy to report that Dragi has had a good night and that he will soon go to the plant” of this Cordovan health center, where the brother of Sevilla player Nemanja Gudelj, 25, was admitted, and where He has undergone various medical tests.

Nemanja Gudelj thanked this Sunday, through a statement, “the love and concern for the state of health” of his brother Dragisa. “I want to express my most sincere gratitude, on behalf of myself and my family, for the care shown and concern about Dragi’s state of health. My brother’s life continues to beat thanks to the immediate intervention of the Córdoba medical services “Writes Gudelj from the concentration of his team, which on Monday plays in Montenegro a match of the previous phase of Euro 2024.

The Sevilla player mentions “the doctors José Miguel Bretones, Antonio Escribano and Martín Luna, the physios Álex Rueda and Fran Plaza and the doctor Verónica Arroyo and the cardiologist José María Segura”, in addition to thanking “the treatment received by each one of the toilets at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba”.

“Despite the difficult situation, we have felt your support and kindness, gestures that we will never forget. Lastly, thanks to the green and white fans for every song of encouragement and for making Dragi’s love for you even greater”, continues the player Sevilla player, who concludes by saying that “the true warrior”, in reference to his brother, “is already on his feet”.

The Córdoba-Racing de Ferrol match was stopped after ten minutes of play and later suspended due to the footballer fainting on the pitch, who was treated by the medical services on the pitch and later transferred by ambulance, already conscious, to the hospital .

Dragisa Gudelj was unwell and collapsed on the ground, with which the assistants came in to perform the cardiac massage.

After about ten tense minutes, the ambulance took the conscious player to the hospital and then the suspension of the match was decided, which registered a tie at one, after consultations between coaches, footballers, refereeing team and leaders, which It was announced by the public address system of the stadium, in which there were just over ten thousand spectators.

The referee’s report of the match referee, Sesma Espinosa, reflects that it was postponed “due to the seriousness of the events and the difficulty of the local players to be able to continue playing the minutes that remained to be played”, and also highlights the support of the players of Racing de Ferrol, placing himself at the “total disposal” of the Andalusian club.

The Cordovan squad, on the other hand, returned to training this Sunday morning and before starting the session in the club’s sports complex, the players and coaches gave the entity’s medical team an ovation on the pitch for their assistance to Dragisa Gudelj.

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