‘Tax Man’ Claims Giant Tuna: Angler’s Battle Ends in Shark and Whale Feast

A sportfishing guide in Fiji has provided striking evidence of what can happen if a hooked game fish puts up too long of a fight. Jana Crossingham shared the emotional rollercoaster of chasing dogtooth tuna on Instagram, as angler Brock Harmer lost his battle with a 110-pound fish.

The severed head of the giant tuna was all that remained after a shark swooped in to claim its body. The image of the impressive teeth and jaws left behind sparked comments about turning it into an epic skull mount.

But sharks aren’t the only ones known as the tax collectors in the ocean. Crossingham revealed that a pack of pilot whales also joined in the feast, leaving behind only a portion of the prized catch.

This story serves as a reminder of the unpredictable outcomes that can occur in the world of sportfishing, where even a successful catch can quickly turn into a meal for other marine predators. Anglers beware: the ‘tax man’ may come in many forms.