Sony Execs Dismiss Possibility of Days Gone Sequel, Director Reveals

Ahead of the recent State of Play showcase, Jeff Ross, the game director of Days Gone, dropped a bombshell. He disclosed that Sony executives, including CEO Hermen Hulst, “were never fans” of the game, which is why a sequel was never on the cards.

Days Gone, developed by Bend Studio, was a promising post-apocalyptic title that unfortunately faced a rocky start due to launch issues. Despite its potential, the negative reception early on hindered its success. The game introduced players to the world of Deacon St John, a motorcycle-riding survivor in a dystopian setting.

In a social media post preceding the State of Play event, Ross shared a poster hinting at the unlikelihood of a Days Gone sequel. He acknowledged the persistent inquiries from fans but firmly stated that the Sony higher-ups’ lack of enthusiasm for the game sealed its fate.

While some fans expressed hope in the comments section, Ross clarified that the cancellation was indefinite rather than temporary. This revelation comes as a disappointment to enthusiasts of Days Gone, signaling the definitive end of the franchise.

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