take a seat in the new Porsche 911, and you’ve arrived because the interior and the instrumentation also includes, in the eighth Generation, many of the familiar elements and New uses. The centrally positioned Rev counter behind the steering Wheel remains as the most important Instrument in analog, everything is digital. To the left and to the right of this display are two more virtual instruments to each other. Your content can be with the steering wheel buttons, and two roll-quick roll switching, so that the driving program or a Navi sees either of the screen.

Michael Spehr

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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the large main screen that stretches over the center console to the passenger side, of course, can show the digital card of the electronic co-pilot, but also other content related to Radio, telephony, media playback, or the Internet. The display measures a stately 10.9 inches in the diagonal and is touch-sensitive, but also leaves the operation with a turntable at the top of the center console. Most people, however, the Finger, and then the decorative surface is used in front of the display as a hand rest. What is the main on-screen displays you can customize. Like in a Jaguar or Range Rover, various “Widgets” to select from a list, Position and size change, to create his own menu. For example, a tile for the route guidance to your home or Turning on the sport mode.

The main menu of the PCM, Porsche Communication Management system referred to are quickly callable. The Monitor displays the menus (with unfortunately a bit small) buttons on its left side. Sub-menu areas (even smaller) at the top of the screen to call. Only the Online services in the Department of “Porsche Connect” with Park info, Hotel and Restaurant recommendations, along with a Google and petrol station search, use the finger friendly controls. Speaking of fingers: He, like many other German manufacturers, to the Finger a navigation destination on the display to use when it comes up. A handwriting recognition converted the Doodle with high hit ratio in plain text.

In almost all functional areas can work then with finger tips and wipe movements such as the Smartphone, for example, in the presentation, zoom in, even with two-finger gestures. The driver should not do while driving, however, and perhaps more of the voice input to use the Porsche for the new 911 has improved significantly. As is the case with other manufacturers, a Hybrid model is now in use, which not only uses the built-in resources, but an Internet connection and with the help of the Cloud data in the vehicle sends. The usual Gimmicks are like “I’m cold” to the setting of the air conditioning system implemented, but overall, we see in comparison with the M-Bux-System of Mercedes-Benz needs to catch up.

New to the 911, the connection to third-party services, such as access to Amazon Music or Nest, the Google subsidiary for the smart home. Radio Plus combines the terrestrial radio reception on FM or digital radio with Internet radio. Outside of the terrestrial range is automatically switched to the Online Streaming, if the selected station offers this. Also hybrid works, the route calculation of the Navigation, which takes place simultaneously on Board and online in the Cloud. The on-Board system then determines which route is optimal. While the Car-to-Car communications manufacturer is not cross-walked to the Start, go for the Porsche with its Risk Radar already. With pseudonym data collected by other Porsche drivers will be warned of fog, risk of Skidding and accidents.