Path Of Exile 2 Launching on PS5 and Xbox with Couch Co-Op and Cross-Progression

Path of Exile 2 is set to make its debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S alongside the PC release, offering exciting new features such as couch co-op and full cross-play and cross-progression capabilities across all platforms. Developer Grinding Gear Games has unveiled a comprehensive overview of the enhancements and additions players can anticipate for the console versions in a special deep-dive trailer shared exclusively with GameSpot.

One of the standout features of the console release is the introduction of couch co-op gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to embark on the entire game with a partner, with both players’ heads-up displays and inventories visible on screen simultaneously. Whether playing with a friend or a guest, players will have the option to log in with their own account to access existing characters or play as a guest.

Game director Jonathan Rogers expressed his enthusiasm for the addition of couch co-op, emphasizing the enjoyment of playing with friends in a cooperative setting. The development team has revamped Path of Exile 2’s menu and inventory screens to provide a more immersive experience on larger screens, while also offering the ability to customize keybinds for all skills. Additionally, console players will benefit from a built-in help system designed to explain the game’s intricate mechanics at the touch of a button.

Path of Exile 2 will be free-to-play and is scheduled to undergo a closed beta on both PC and consoles later this year, with early access slated for release before the end of the year. The game aims to be more accessible than its predecessor, featuring a new six-act campaign, skill gem system, 12 character classes, and a “dual specialize” feature for the Passive Skill Tree. Grinding Gear Games has assured players that Path of Exile 2 will not replace the original game, with plans to continue providing expansions for both titles in the future.

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