The mayor of Paris announced on Monday that she will stop using the social network constructive debate.

“With its thousands of anonymous accounts and troll farms, life on Twitter is the exact opposite of democratic life,” Mayor Anne Hidalgo said in a lengthy post titled “Why I’m Leaving Twitter.”

“I refuse to support this evil plan,” he wrote.

“Busy now, check back later” was the automatic response to an AP request for comment emailed to X.

Hidalgo’s office explained that Monday’s posts in French and English announcing her departure from X will be the socialist mayor’s last and that at the end of the week she will close her account, which has 1.5 million followers.

“We are facing an absolutely clear political project to set aside democracy and its values ​​in favor of powerful private interests,” Hidalgo wrote. “This medium has become a gigantic global sewer, why should we continue to immerse ourselves in it?”

The Paris City Council has its own account on X. The city will host the 2024 Olympic Games.

Hidalgo has had conflictive moments. He has faced criticism from political opponents over the expense and necessity of a trip he took in October to the French territories of New Caledonia and Tahiti in the South Pacific.

The mayor also clashed last week with government ministers over the French capital’s preparation for the Olympics. Hidalgo said some transportation options will not be ready for the days of the event, July 26 to August 11. Transport Minister Clement Beaune responded by saying the mayor’s comments were a “shameful” attempt to divert attention from her Pacific trip.

Hidalgo’s office noted that his decision to leave X was not a response to recent criticism, but rather that he had been thinking about it for some time.

Musk acquired Twitter in October 2022 and has removed some of its core tools.