Constance (dpa/lsw) – Again and again scammers try to rip off older people in particular with shock calls or other tricks. The police warn of these scams, but criminals have again managed to get a lot of money with the so-called shock call. This time it caught an older woman in Constance, she lost 50,000 euros. The police advise to be suspicious of such calls from a withheld number.

As the police announced on Friday, the woman received a call from an alleged senior public prosecutor on Thursday. He told the usual story that a relative – in this case the son-in-law – had caused a serious accident and now bail amounting to tens of thousands of euros had to be paid or he could face jail. The scammers called the woman several times and convinced her to put up €50,000 to keep her son-in-law out of jail. The elderly woman handed the money to an unknown collector at her apartment door.

In July, a woman in Offenburg fell for scammers and lost around 190,000 euros.