Gersthofen (dpa / lby) – 14 times in the past few weeks, strangers have thrown stones from bridges at moving cars in Swabia. One person was injured, the police said on Friday. A stone smashed through the windshield of a car on Thursday and hit the 50-year-old driver in the upper body. She was slightly injured. In two other cases on the highway-like federal highway 2 between Gersthofen (Augsburg district) and Meringen (Donau-Ries district) on Thursday, the occupants remained unharmed.

“We assume that the stones are approximately several centimeters in diameter,” said a police spokesman. “So we’re not talking pebbles here.”

The police are investigating dangerous interventions in road traffic and are increasingly patrolling the area. Drivers who make suspicious observations on the B2 should immediately call 110. In addition, the officials hope that witnesses will report who can say something about the previous cases.