The Third Section of the Provincial Court of Oviedo has reduced by two and a half years the prison sentence imposed on F.V.A., known as the stiletto rapist, who was sentenced in 2019 to 13 years in prison for sexually assaulting a disabled woman in a pension from Oviedo in 2017.

The man known as the stiletto rapist had previously served 32 years in prison for more than fifty violations and was released from prison after benefiting from the annulment of the so-called Parot doctrine. He was arrested again at the beginning of 2018 in Oviedo as the alleged perpetrator of said crime of sexual assault.

Now, the court order, dated March 13, 2023, agrees to the review of the sentence of F.V.A. under the sexual freedom law, known as the law of only yes is yes, for which from now on he faces ten and a half years in prison instead of the original thirteen, legal sources have informed Europa Press.

The judge maintains the accessory of absolute disqualification but also reduces to 11 years and six months the prohibitions of approach and communication, which were originally set at 14 years, and additionally imposes the special disqualification, for fifteen years and six months, for any professional profession. activity that involves regular and direct contact with minors.

The defendant was sentenced in 2019 to thirteen years in prison for a penetrative sexual assault on a woman with a 65% mental disability while being sentenced to a fine of 180 euros as the perpetrator of a minor theft crime. Despite the fact that he appealed the sentence, the Supreme Court (TS) dismissed the petition in 2021.

According to the account of the Prosecutor’s Office, the events occurred in December 2017 when the two convicted, F.V.A. and a woman who goes by the acronym M.A.P.F, lived with the victim in an apartment renting rooms in Oviedo, which led them to start a friendship and learn that she had a 65% mental disability.

Due to the relationship established with her, the defendants knew that the girl’s grandfather lived in a nursing home in Laviana and that she had in her possession the old man’s bank record and authorized signature, with which she could freely dispose of her money.

The defendant took advantage of this situation to demand that the victim withdraw money from the account and when she refused, she threatened her with death and tried to assault her violently, so that finally, out of fear and accompanied by the defendant, the affected person withdrew a total of 1,700 euros from his grandfather’s account.

At around 12:30 p.m. on December 22, 2017, the victim was sleeping in her room in the shared apartment when the defendant entered and began to touch her breasts under her pajama top.

Seeing that the convicted man had woken up, he told him that they were going to have sexual relations whether he wanted it or not and began to lower his pajama pants and underwear despite the victim’s refusal.

Although the woman told him to leave the room, the defendant held her tightly, told her that if she did not stay still he was going to kill her, sexually assaulted her and left the room saying: “If you say something, I’ll kill you.”

The woman did not report the facts for fear that the defendant would carry out the death threats and that same afternoon the defendant forced her with threats to accompany him to the town of Moreda, where he told her that he was going to reside accompanied by the two defendants. and other people in a flat.

At around 8:20 p.m. on December 23, 2017, the convicted woman entered the victim’s room together with another person and they assaulted her for no reason, punching her and telling her that they were going to kill her.

At a certain point, the victim managed to get away, run from the apartment and from a nearby shop, notify the Civil Guard, who transferred her to the Álvarez Buylla Hospital in Mieres after which she reported the situation of abuse and intimidation to the Police.

During his absence, the rapist with the stiletto went to the drawer of the night table of the room that he had assigned to the victim in the Moreda apartment, from where he took the DNI, his grandfather’s bank record, the health card, the mobile phone and the keys to the old man’s house, from where he took two watches and various jewelry.

After being arrested, the police confiscated the victim’s bank and health cards from the defendant, and the defendant’s phone and items stolen from his grandfather’s house.

The so-called “stiletto rapist” was sentenced to 73 years in prison and would still remain there if he had not benefited from the annulment of the so-called “Parot doctrine”.

Felix V.A. He was released from prison in 2014 after being in prison for more than 32 years for more than fifty rapes and trying to kill one of the victims in the 1980s and 1990s, although he was later imprisoned for several months for an attempted murder. assault on a woman in Lugo.

This man, who received the nickname of the stiletto rapist because he used one to intimidate his victims, was the subject of controversy a couple of years ago in Oviedo, when the news broke that he had taken up residence in the Asturian capital, reports Eph.

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