This Thursday, Felipe VI closed the VIII Conference of Ambassadors, the annual meeting of the 130 diplomats who represent Spain around the world. He did so with a long speech in which, after discussing the successes of the current presidency of the Council of the European Union, he spoke for the first time about the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

The Head of State has stated that in the face of the current “convulsive” international situation, “Spain has a lot to say.” Thus, the “diplomatic dimension” becomes essential in any conflict. That is why the Monarch has stressed the need to “continue insisting” that the war between Israel and Palestine will not end until a political solution is reached “which involves the establishment of the Palestinian State alongside Israel.” That, according to the Head of State, is the only way to “stop this cycle of violence or prevent it from being repeated.”

The Monarch has taken the same line as the Government, highlighting both “the tragedy that Gaza is experiencing” and “the terrorist attack that Israel suffered on October 7.” He also positions himself in the speech that Spain began, calling for an international peace conference in which the Palestinian State would be recognized. The King recalled that “that was the promise of the Madrid Peace Conference of 1991” and has asked the international community to “mobilize to help the parties materialize it.”

Felipe VI has also recalled that in this geopolitical context “transatlantic unity is essential to preserve those principles and values ​​that are under threat.”

Regarding the role of foreign representation of diplomats, the Monarch recalled this Thursday, one day after the Government promised Junts the migration management in Catalonia, that the Constitution “establishes the mandate to continue promoting relations with the countries of our historical community”.

In this work abroad, “the defense of Democracy and the Rule of Law are hallmarks of the Community that we are building together,” said Don Felipe in relation to Spain’s partner countries.

The Monarch recalled the “clear commitment” to Spain’s opening to the outside world and to the regional agendas in each country.”

The event takes place 24 hours after the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, inaugurated it. Over the course of two days, the representatives of the Embassies have debated the challenges and opportunities of Spain abroad and Albares has asked them to work so that the co-official languages ​​are recognized in the European Union. The minister wanted to recognize “the excellent presentation that [Philip VI] makes of Spain as the country we are, as the advanced and committed democracy”