Deutsche Bahn is modernizing its rail network in the north of Düsseldorf. Eight kilometers of tracks are to be replaced. Travelers now have to prepare for cancellations, additional transfers and waiting times for three weeks.

Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) – The railway will start this Friday (9 p.m.) with construction work on the rail network in Düsseldorf. This should lead to restrictions for travelers for three weeks, especially at Düsseldorf Airport and the main train station. Some regional trains from the north will end in the Ruhr area by January 27 and will not go to Düsseldorf as usual. The construction work should not have any impact on long-distance traffic.

In the three weeks of construction, around eight kilometers of tracks between Düsseldorf main station and the S-Bahn station Derendorf would be renewed, the railway said. 7,000 tons of gravel and 10,800 sleepers are to be replaced. The route had to be partially closed for this.

There are restrictions on the lines RE2 (Osnabrück-Düsseldorf), RE3 (Hamm-Düsseldorf), RE6 (Minden-Cologne), RE11 (Kassel-Düsseldorf), RE19 (Düsseldorf-Arnheim) and on the S-Bahn line S1 (Solingen- Dortmund). The railway advised to use the online connection information. All alternative connections are already incorporated there.