The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has sent a message to citizens to make their voices heard with “calmness and forcefulness” to “stop those who want to divide, cut up, fracture and build a wall between Spaniards.” This is how he expressed himself before the members of the Steering Committee of his party meeting informally in Toledo.

Feijóo has announced the celebration of two routes “for equality” and “resistance” that will travel from the north and the south throughout Spain so that citizens can make their voices heard. “The Spaniards cannot be a currency of exchange and blackmail. It is not acceptable that what the independentists demand be heard more than what the majority of Spaniards ask for. We will be the voice of those who have no voice, we will listen to them and we will defend them , we will ask for equality and we will defend a Spain that does not give up, does not sell itself and does not cut itself into pieces,” he stated.

In his speech, the popular leader referred to the events experienced this week in Parliament, describing them as “political embarrassment” and assured his party’s willingness to “work for the equality of all citizens, of the social majority who”, In his opinion, “it is being abandoned by the Government.”

In this sense, he has sent a direct message to the Spanish people: “I want to tell them that we share their indignation and concern and that we will be with them, they are not alone.”

“This week,” he added, referring to the parliamentary session in which the Government managed to push through two of the first three decrees of the legislature after making broad concessions to Puigdemont’s party, “we have witnessed a horror that shows that we were right when We warned that the Government was going to decompose into constant misgovernment. This embarrassment has humiliated the nation. The PSOE has chosen for this to be the legislature of extortion. We have never had a Government so weak. Whoever decides is not in the Cortes nor resides in Spain. We have been humiliated since Waterloo.”

According to the popular leader, “the only thing that Sánchez gets ahead is by marketing what is not his: the rights, equality and freedom of citizens.” In his opinion, this week’s votes have an obvious cost: “Moving forward in “the privileged treatment of independentists; scrapping the immigration policy and thereby opening the door to the fracture of national sovereignty and the practice of a xenophobic policy.”

In this sense, he has assured that “there is nothing progressive about handing over border management to whom Sánchez considered the Le Pen of Spanish politics and there is nothing constitutionalist about auctioning off equality and the exclusive powers of the State.” For Feijóo, this week the “inaugural transfers of the legislature along with the amnesty and the handing over to Bildu of the mayor’s office of Pamplona” have become a reality. And he has predicted: “More surrenders will come because the socialist project is a Spain without equality and without justice.”

The leader of the PP has accused Sánchez of “having taken Spain to an extreme situation and having broken the separation of powers and equality between citizens in less than two months” and has insisted on the need to “recover respect for the regime.” parliamentary and that Congress stops being a little theater at the service of Sánchez and a Chamber with remote control from Waterloo”.

Feijóo has harangued the members of his party’s leadership to “not give up a battle for lost” and to be aware that they represent the “social majority” of the country and have to defend a “project of growth, equality and concord”. “Spain”, he has stressed, “is a nation of free and equal citizens and this cannot be subjected to marketing.” “I do not want,” he added, “a Spain of walls but of freedom, equality, fraternity and coexistence.” Feijóo has opted to “offer a reformist project, with legal security and that regains influence abroad without responding to dangerous friendships.” “We want,” he said, “equality, freedom and coexistence and we are going to stop those who want to divide, cut up and build a wall between Spaniards.” In this sense, the popular maintains that the “equality route” will be “the symbol of the resistance of Spain that does not accept blackmail and is willing to vindicate its civic rights. The cry of a country,” he stressed, “must flow from the cities and towns. The Spaniards must send a calm but forceful message saying that we do not agree with what is happening in the country.”

The president of the PP has announced the holding of an interparliamentary meeting of the popular parties next weekend in Orense; a succession of meetings with the mayors of large cities and the presidents of provincial councils and a National Board of Directors at the end of January. A match schedule for him, he said, “to have the formation ready.”