Twenty-three thousand people, according to data from the Government Delegation in Madrid, took to the streets this Sunday in the capital to defend life, “from its beginning to its natural end”, and reject the “culture of death”, implicit , in the opinion of the Yes to Life Platform, in the law of voluntary termination of pregnancy.

Convened by the Platform, made up of more than 500 pro-life associations, and supported only by Vox from the political parties, the protesters have walked Serrano street to Cibeles square and have made themselves known with music, dance and a multitude of colored balloons green. With Coldplay’s Viva la vida and Spanish pop-rock songs from the 2000s as the soundtrack, attendees carried banners with photos of human fetuses and slogans such as “listen to the beat, I tell you I’m alive”, “the voice of the heart “, “is this the heartbeat you want to hide?” or “no mother regrets being one”, in a march in which the flags of Spain and the Cross of Burgundy have also been seen.

At the head of the protest, in front of the main banner with the motto “yes to life”, Alicia Latorre, president of the Spanish Federation of Pro-Life Associations, has rejected in statements to Efe the “culture of death, which will not have place in Spain”, and has said that the protest seeks to “show the greatness of life”.

Regarding the current abortion law, Latorre has said that it is “even worse and more perverse than what we had” and, in his opinion, “it will get even worse” because “it takes away the rights of the unborn and leaves more abandoned to mothers”, so he hopes that “it will disappear as soon as possible.

Asked if they consider the voluntary interruption of pregnancy feasible in certain contexts such as the rape of a woman, the president stressed that abortion “never solves the trauma of rape” but rather “adds one more” and has opined that, given this situation and “many others”, one must “look for special solutions”, but “never take life” or “abandon the woman”.

The Vox spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Iv├ín Espinosa de los Monteros, has expressed that the defense of life is “a good cause” and has indicated that in his formation they are “a little sad to be left alone in the defense of certain causes and certain ideas”.

“We will continue to defend life with conviction, joy and enthusiasm, and even more so in a context in which the Government is passing death laws, such as the assisted suicide law or the law that allows 16-year-old girls to abortion without parental consent, and all series of initiatives that go against life”, he has valued in statements to journalists.

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