Podemos announced this Sunday that it is considering rejecting the validation of the Government decree that reforms the unemployment benefit “and that implies a cut in the future retirement pensions of those over 52 years of age.” The validation of this decree will be debated and voted next Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies.

According to sources from Podemos, the party demands that the Government eliminate “the cuts in retirement pensions implied by the reform of the subsidy for those over 52 years of age, approved by the Council of Ministers on December 19.”

The training considers “the decision of the Executive to reduce the contribution base of these subsidy recipients to be of the utmost seriousness, which translates into a sharp cut in their future retirement pensions. For a 52-year-old worker who would have received the average salary Spaniard during his professional career, had 22 years of contributions and received the subsidy until he retired, the Government’s decision implies reducing his pension by 162 euros per month, that is, 2,268 euros per year.

Podemos explains that it has already expressed to the Government its rejection “of this cut, which appears in the third transitional provision of the decree and about which unions and pensioner groups such as Coespe have already warned.” After maintaining contacts with those affected in recent weeks, it considers it “unacceptable” that a particularly vulnerable group “see their future pensions covertly reduced”, and reiterates its commitment to the public pension system and to the purchasing power of pensioners.