The Spanish Government party has agreed in Switzerland, with the formation of the independence leader who in 2017 tried to unilaterally declare the secession of Catalonia, after holding an illegal referendum, that the negotiations on the “conflict” that the separatists want to restart once amnestied are supervised by a Salvadoran diplomat with experience with FARC guerrillas.

This is the crazy summary of the first meeting between the PSOE and Junts after the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez, which took place this Saturday in some unknown enclave of the Swiss country shrouded in the most absolute secrecy.

Franciso Galindo, the name of the rapporteur appointed by Carles Puigdemont and the socialists, will not act alone, but will “coordinate the international mechanism” that will supervise the still incipient negotiations between the PSOE and Junts. Which, therefore, does not exclude that the conversations will be supervised by the Henry Dunant Foundation (HD), which was already used by the former socialist president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to draw up a record of the dissolution of the terrorist group ETA.

As EL MUNDO has revealed throughout this week, HD has been advising the Catalan independence movement for years through meetings that have remained hidden from public opinion. And also the Swiss Government and its secret services have supported Puigdemont’s plan to push the Government into an international negotiation on the political future of Catalonia, as the investigations of the National Court into Tsunami Democràtic, the street agitation movement, have revealed. that the independence movement used in 2019 to lead Catalonia into chaos after the Supreme Court ruling on the process.

As if they were representatives of two sovereign nations, the PSOE and Junts have dismissed their opaque meeting with a brief joint statement in which, in addition to revealing the identity of their chief mediator, they decided to continue working to “achieve a solution.” political and negotiated to the conflict”, whose existence both assume.

By emphasizing that the resolution of this presumed conflict has to be based on political means, the PSOE accepts, de facto, not resorting to judicial means in the face of a new separatist outbreak, which Junts does not rule out at any time, since the agreement to investiture Sánchez reflects his refusal to renounce the unilateral route to consummate secession if the negotiations with the socialists to organize an agreed referendum with a binding result do not work out.

“Progress has continued,” states the statement issued minutes after the number three of the PSOE, Santos Cerdán, left Geneva on the run surrounded by a scrum of Spanish journalists to whom he only dedicated a succinct one: “It went well.” . It has been more than what was expressed by the rest of those invited to the table, since neither the Junts spokesperson in Congress, Míriam Nogueras – highly rebuked on Friday upon her arrival in Geneva – nor the secretary general have appeared before the cameras. of the party, Jordi Turull, nor Puigdemont, the moral leader of the heirs of Convergència, its legitimate president.

Junts’ analysis occurred while the meeting was still taking place and was carried out by its spokesperson, Josep Rius, not assigned to Swiss lands.

This close collaborator of the former president of the Generalitat, a member of his hard core, assumed that “the referendum is not from today to tomorrow”, but predicted that it will end up being agreed upon. “Nor were the amnesty and the verifier possible until they were,” he resolved, clinging to factual evidence.

«We give ourselves time, but there has to be progress. “Milestones have to be met,” Rius added to re-link the stability of the legislature and the Government to “progress in the negotiations.”

The commitment of both parties consists of holding one of these meetings monthly and only reporting its content when there is something new to contribute. Today’s decision was that a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in France, Colombia, Mexico and Egypt will be in charge of interceding between the party that governs the nation and the one that aspires to have a nation to govern. .

The place, dates and conclusions of the coming conclaves could therefore be totally hidden from Sánchez’s fellow citizens.