British Foreign Secretary David Cameron warned that his country is ready to “back up words with action” if Houthi rebels continue attacking ships and vessels in the Red Sea. “We have managed to degrade the capability that the Houthis have built with the backing of Iran,” he said, referring to this week’s airstrikes. “Our position is clear: we will always defend freedom of navigation.”

Cameron’s words were interpreted as the United Kingdom’s military support for new actions by the US army against the Houthi bases in Yemen. “We have given one warning after another,” he said, recalling that there have been up to 27 attacks in the Red Sea in the last three months.

“The attacks have been limited, proportionate, legal and necessary,” he stressed when asked about a possible escalation of the conflict. “It is difficult to remember a more unstable, dangerous and uncertain moment in the world,” admitted the former prime minister, who on his day had to face opposition in Parliament to military action in Syria.

“The lights are red on the global dashboard, and what we need is strong leadership and a clear plan, which is what the Prime Minister and his team have done,” Cameron added. “If we do not act against the Houthis in the Red Sea, there will continue to be more attacks that are effectively terrorist attacks.”

Cameron confirmed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s willingness to appear in Parliament, possibly on Monday, to report on military operations. “In any case, having a parliamentary debate before this type of military action would not have been the right decision, both for operational and security reasons,” he added in statements to the BBC.