Relearning to cook from a young age to fight against food inflation: this is the idea proposed by Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate in charge of SMEs, Commerce, Crafts and Tourism. In an interview with Sud-Ouest, the former government spokesperson elaborates: “I believe that we need to relearn how to cook raw products, to avoid buying more expensive “ready-made” products. Cooking classes need to come back to school. There is a real issue of grandmother’s education in everyday cooking.

The minister recalls: “In the family budget, there are three main items: energy, transport, food. So we have targeted energy and fuel to save as much as possible on the budget dedicated to food. We have also increased minimum income and certain allowances. »

On for the wallet, and not only in times of inflation. »

Regrettable to summarize in a few words and in a tweet lending controversy to a message that is nevertheless common sense: favoring raw products over processed products is good for health and for the wallet, and not only in periods of inflation.

Olivia Grégoire recalls that the government has asked agri-food manufacturers to increase to 5,000 (compared to 2,500 currently) the number of products covered by the “anti-inflation system”, which would be equivalent, according to the minister, to almost a quarter of the supermarket. The minister also promises that prices will fall “on January 1”, thanks to advanced price negotiations between manufacturers and distributors.

The theme of cooking classes at school is not new. It had already been put on the table in 2017 by several great chefs. Experiments had been carried out in around fifteen educational establishments. On the sidelines of the publication of a parliamentary note, the socialist senator from Lot Angèle Préville spoke to AFP at the beginning of February in favor of the reintroduction of cooking classes in schools, pointing out the health risks of so-called “ultra-processed” foods.

The minister’s comments provoked strong reactions on the left: “I don’t even want to laugh about it anymore,” reacted the leader of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure on X (ex-Twitter). “Every week, one of them reveals their subconscious: social contempt instead of justice. »

“Faced with the shortage of drinking water, take wine tasting lessons,” quipped the boss of Les Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the same social network.