Those who enjoy gambling in their free time might not want to miss out on the fun while travelling abroad. Online gambling provides unlimited fun and all you need is a smartphone and internet access.

Serious gamblers will even seek out casino destinations that cater to their hobby of gambling. Luckily in this day and age, the options are available both for online and offline gamblers no matter where you are spending the night.

Every year more and more people from Canada opt for online gaming instead of visiting land-based casinos. We have discussed different ways to gamble online while travelling with casino expert Daniel Bennet. Daniel – of whom you can read more about – used to be a regular Las Vegas casino visitor but in recent years discovered that gaming online is just as much fun.

Online Gaming Anywhere

Gambling online is not illegal in Canada as long as the casino is not registered in Canada but licenced abroad. There are several offshore casinos that are licenced in countries like Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao. To make sure a casino, you are about to sign up, is licenced and accepts players from Canada you should consult a third-party casino review site such as casino online Canada.

Gambling while travelling tips

  1. Get a VPN

Once you have signed up to an online casino and have your player account you are good to go. However, if you travel to a certain country that does not allow online gambling you will not have access to your casino’s website. To overcome this problem, we recommend using VPN on your smartphone or laptop. You can then set Canada on your VPN connection and you will appear to be playing from their thus allowing you access to the site.

  1. Check your internet connection

Before you start playing you should check if your internet connection is fast enough. While it is just annoying to wait for the page loading your favourite slot game, you can miss out and lose money if you can’t respond in a live-dealer game.

  1. Check the time zone

While online gambling is a 24-hour operation you should keep in mind the times of live sports events. You might have placed a bet on your favourite Canadian hockey team but the match will be at 3 am Singapore time so you might not be able to watch it, missing the excitement altogether.

  1. Use only e-wallets for depositing while aboard

Some banks consider payments to gambling sites high risk. You don’t want to risk them blocking your credit card while you are roaming the streets of Mexico. Use an e-wallet instead.

What is Gambling Tourism?

Gambling tourism is alive and well. This especially applies to countries where certain states/territories forbid gambling altogether (e.g. the United States and China). Famous gambling destinations have been attracting people for decades as the glamour and exclusivity of a land-based casino cannot compare to anything. Some of the best-known gambling tourism destinations are:

  1. Las Vegas

Nevada is one of the few US states that allow gambling and it attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world. The first-class shows, the Grand Canyon and the luxurious hotels further add to the appeal so many people experience gambling for the first time in their lives in Vegas.

  1. Macau

China’s playground, the old Portuguese territory is the Las Vegas of Asia. Chinese millionaires play high-stakes baccarat at casinos that are often even bigger and greater than the ones in Vegas.

  1. Monte Carlo

Monaco is a mini-state on the French Riviera where Europe’s high society owns yachts or holiday homes. They spend their days spotting celebrities in the marina and their nights in ultra-luxurious Monte Carlo casinos.

  1. The Bahamas

Eastern Canadians can enjoy an exotic sun holiday without jetlag in the Bahamas where gambling is absolutely amazing. Resort hotels featuring their own casinos are abundant so guests can get a tan by the pool during the day and have serious fun gambling in the evenings.



Canadian players do not have to give up gambling while travelling. It is easy to play online if you are prepared. If gambling is the reason you go on the trip pick one of the legendary gambling destinations from our list and the fun is guaranteed.