House of the Dragon Star Issues Warning About Flashbacks in Season 2

House of the Dragon fans were left with mixed feelings after Emily Carey and Milly Alcock exited the fantasy series midway through season 1. Since then, there has been speculation about the possibility of their return in flashbacks. However, in an exclusive interview with regarding her new Netflix adaptation Geek Girl, Carey advised fans not to get their hopes up.

Carey hinted, “I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say, but I will say don’t get your expectations up!” Despite expressing interest in reprising her role with Alcock in the future, she emphasized that nothing is set in stone. She explained, “It’s been spoken about, conversations have happened, but, in all honesty, I know absolutely nothing and I have no idea. Of course, I would love to come back. It depends on how it’s received and where they want to take the show next. I’m just going with the flow!”

Regarding House of the Dragon season 2, Carey mentioned that she plans to support her former co-stars, even though fantasy is not her preferred genre. She expressed excitement about the upcoming season and the performances of her friends, Bethany Antonia and Harry Collett, in the show.

Antonia and Collett, who portray Baela Targaryen and Jacaerys Velaryon respectively, have not divulged any spoilers to Carey due to their contractual obligations. Carey stated, “They are both professionals and they are contracted and under NDAs, and even though Beth is one of my best friends, she wouldn’t let anything slip. So we’ll just have to wait and see!”

House of the Dragon newcomer Freddie Fox hinted at “dark relationships” in the second season, promising viewers a blend of intense drama, exceptional acting, and escalating conflicts as war looms on the horizon.

Emily Carey’s Geek Girl is now streaming on Netflix, and House of the Dragon season 2 will premiere on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK. For more information on how to access these shows, visit the respective platforms. Stay updated on the latest Fantasy news and TV schedules by checking out our TV Guide or tuning in to The Radio Times Podcast for exclusive insights from TV’s biggest stars.