ITV Fans Outraged Over ‘Painful’ Celebrity Episode of The Chase

ITV fans were left fuming after tuning into Monday’s episode of The Chase, where four celebrity guests participated in a special edition of the show to raise money for Soccer Aid. Despite the good cause, viewers took to social media to express their disappointment with the celebrity contestants’ performance.

The episode featured celebrities Danny Jones, Martin Bell, Sarah Jane Mee, and Michael Sheen facing off against The Chaser, Mark “The Beast” Labbett. However, fans were quick to criticize the contestants for their lackluster quiz skills, with many describing the episode as “painful” to watch.

Danny Jones, a member of McFly, was the first contestant to be eliminated after struggling to answer enough questions correctly. Viewers expressed their frustration on social media, with one user questioning the intelligence of the contestants and another threatening to switch off altogether.

Despite the challenges, Martin Bell managed to secure £500, while Sarah Jane Mee also made it to the final round. However, it was Hollywood star Michael Sheen who stole the show, boosting the jackpot to an impressive £72,500 after a stellar performance.

In the end, the team managed to answer 21 questions correctly during the final chase, but The Chaser ultimately caught up and denied them the cash prize, claiming that “it was his day today.”

In other news, The Chase’s Mark recently announced his split from girlfriend Hayley Palmer after a year-long relationship. The pair cited differing priorities and an age gap as reasons for the breakup, but remain on good terms and hopeful for the future.

Despite the disappointing outcome on The Chase, fans can expect more thrilling episodes as the show continues to entertain viewers with its high-stakes quizzes and celebrity specials.