Ackles and Padalecki were brothers Dean and Sam Winchester for 15 years. Ackles now leads a prequel on the Winchesters’ parents. Padalecki was unaware of this until Deadline reported the news Thursday afternoon.

“Dude. Thank you. “I wish I had heard about it some other way than Twitter,” Padalecki tweeted with a retweet from Deadline’s story. “I am excited to see, but disappointed that Sam Winchester did not have any involvement.”

Fans were puzzled by Padalecki’s reaction, and believed he was laughing about being blindsided. He wasn’t.

He said, “This is the first time I’ve heard about” in a tweet that he sent Thursday night. “I’m devastated.”

The comments of Padalecki sent Supernatural fanatics into a frenzy. This prompted the actor to appeal to calm and civility Friday morning.

He wrote on Twitter, “Please don’t send hate or threats.” “I care deeply for everyone involved and would be in great misery if any were threatened or hurt.”

After a lengthy chat between the long-time stars, peace was restored on Friday morning.

Padalecki tweeted that “The show was early in the process, with miles to go,” “We have travelled many roads together and there are times when those roads have bumps. We don’t let bumps stop us. “Once brothers, always brothers.”

Deadline reported that Ackles and Danneel are executive producing The Winchesters at The CW. This is the network where Supernatural aired fourteen of its fifteen seasons. The epic, untold love story between the Winchester brothers, John Winchester and Mary Winchester, is told through the eyes of Dean Winchester (Ackles).

Warner Bros. Television is the studio behind Supernatural. Jensen and Danneel have an overall deal with Warner Bros. Television. The Winchesters is written/executive produced Supernatural alum Robbie Thompson. Walker is the CW’s most-watched series. Padalecki plays this role.