How ruthless can people be to ambush and cut up a pregnant woman and kidnap her unborn child? But that’s what happened in Mexico and apparently not an isolated case.

A pregnant woman has died in eastern Mexico after two attackers cut her open to steal her unborn child. A man and woman are said to have cut open their victim to get the baby out because the attacker is unable to have children herself, an official who asked to remain anonymous said.

The suspects were arrested with a newborn baby in their possession, according to the attorney general’s office. They were brought before a judge on Monday. The suspects are accused of kidnapping and femicide. Femicides are murders of women because of their sex.

The suspects lured their victim through social media by promising clothes for the baby, relatives told local media. According to media reports, this is the third case of this type in recent years. More than 3,700 women were murdered in Mexico in 2021. According to official information, around 1,000 of these were classified as femicides.