The followers of MasterChef 11 have already been able to see its first two installments, broadcast on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 March on La 1. Although the new season of the program has just started, several confrontations between the contestants have already been shown. RTVE compiles the clashes between some of them and ensures that it is “the most tense edition”.

Jotha is one of the applicants that generates the most animosity among his colleagues, not only in the kitchen, but also in coexistence. The DJ explained that he is in charge of checking every morning that all the inhabitants of the house they share are awake, something that he does not like at all.

Larraitz has decided to avoid it so as not to argue with him: “There is nothing to improve. Each one has a way of being. You can fit in or not fit in. If you don’t fit in, nothing happens.” He pointed out that he visits all the rooms except for the one of the Basque, whom he nicknames “the magpie”: “Surely we are very similar in character, that’s why we collide.”

Luca told the jury in the kitchens that Jotha had “given up” and was no longer going to wake him up. The aforementioned took the opposite: “He lies more than he speaks.” The ‘tiktoker’ released: “Nobody is going to knock on my door in the morning if they don’t want to discuss… To discuss, the truth is, I don’t have any problem.”

The two later collided again. “There are things about him that I don’t believe, but that’s it. That’s why some surprised face escapes me,” said the young man from Barcelona about his partner, whom he labeled “false”: “He wants to create bad vibes. There is no ‘feeling'”.

Both coincided in the same team in the first outdoor test. “They didn’t even look at each other,” highlights RTVE. “From the first day I was saying nonsense to cause problems and these things are not for me,” said Luca during the cooking.

Jotha later reproached him for his lack of manners for not answering him when he addressed him during the challenge. In addition, she accused him of having two different faces, one in front of the cameras and one behind.

Luca had struck up a friendship with Rachel in MasterChef 11, but was taken aback by her decision in the outdoor challenge. The American was able to choose which team to work on and did not choose the ‘tiktoker’ one. “She has disappointed me,” he expressed.

The contestant ended up in the elimination test. Marta, who had been the best in the previous challenge, punished her for her choice and decided that she should be the last to enter the supermarket: “I have left her for last because Luca has been a great support for Rachel. In the team test could choose and I thought it was an ugly gesture to leave him lying down”. The ‘youtuber’ became the second expelled from the edition.

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