Iñaki López was away from the sets of La Sexta for several weeks due to a health problem. The Basque returned to Más Vale Tarde on February 28 and explained that he had suffered a retinal detachment in his left eye.

Almost a month later, he published news about his condition on his social networks. The presenter shared on Twitter on Friday, March 24, that she was going to be out again: “I have relapsed. Now with the other eye. I will not see you for a while. Thanks for your encouragement. I will miss you.”

However, the next day he deleted the tweet and announced good news: “Hello everyone! The doctor tells me that the operation will not be necessary in the end. I smile again and on set on Monday.” He expressed his gratitude for the support he had received and mentioned his wife: “Thank you all for your love. Especially you, Andrea Ropero.”

Cristina Pardo, her partner in Más Vale Tarde, replied: “Come on, let’s see if we can connect two working days without incident.” He added with a smile, “You know that’s not my style.”

Cristina Pardo was in charge of Más Vale Tarde alone during the loss of Iñaki López, but on Friday, March 24, she was the one absent on the set. The journalist had to present the program alone and clarified why she during her usual connection with Zapeando. He said that the Navarrese was fine and that she had the day off.

“The other half of Más Vale Tarde is in perfect magazine condition. After two months of medical leave and the four that I am going to have shortly for paternity, I owed the girl some afternoon. I have allowed her to enjoy his life, even for a quarter of an hour”, he commented live.

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