Who Killed WCW? New Documentary Reveals the Inside Story of Wrestling’s Downfall

In 1993, American wrestling promoter Eric Bischoff took over the struggling World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and turned it into a cultural phenomenon. However, within seven years, WCW’s reputation and viewership plummeted. Premiering on Tuesday, June 4 at 10 PM, a new VICE TV show, Who Killed WCW?, delves into what caused the collapse of one of the biggest sports entertainment franchises of the 1990s.

Bischoff’s flagship show, Nitro, went head-to-head with WWE’s RAW and dominated the ratings for 83 weeks during the legendary “Monday Night Wars” era. But despite its initial success, WCW eventually crumbled due to constant changes in leadership, egotistical wrestlers, and the detrimental AOL-Time Warner merger.

Who was truly responsible for WCW’s demise? Featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bill Goldberg, and Eric Bischoff, VICE’s new documentary series explores the behind-the-scenes drama that led to the downfall of a wrestling superpower.

Don’t miss the premiere of Who Killed WCW? on VICE TV on Tuesday, June 4 at 10 PM for an in-depth look at the mysterious and captivating story that has baffled wrestling fans for years.