‘Domestic Violence Against Women in Africa’ Exposed by Joeboy

Popular singer Joseph Akinfenwaa Donus, also known as Joeboy, recently opened up about the inspiration behind his hit song ‘Better.’ In a revealing interview with media personality Vivz, Joeboy shared that the song was written to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence against women.

During the interview, Joeboy expressed his concern about the way women are treated in African society, stating that they are sometimes not treated “properly.” He emphasized the prevalence of domestic abuse in the region and highlighted the importance of shedding light on the issue.

With his powerful lyrics in ‘Better,’ Joeboy aims to advocate for women who have been victims of maltreatment and raise awareness about the alarming rates of domestic violence in Africa. This bold stance taken by the singer is sure to spark important conversations and bring much-needed attention to this pressing issue.