Alain Delon was placed under the judicial protection regime by a guardianship judge of the Montargis judicial court, Agence France-Presse (AFP) learned on Monday January 29 from a source close to the case, confirming information from BFM -TV.

In a document consulted by AFP, the court places Alain Delon “under judicial protection” and appoints a legal representative, who must assist the 88-year-old actor “for his medical follow-up and for the choice of practitioners ensuring his follow-up “. On January 10, the lawyers of Alain Delon and his eldest son, Anthony, requested the “protection” of the cinema legend, “for health reasons”, announced the Montargis prosecutor’s office.

A medical assessment carried out by a doctor mandated by the public prosecutor was then carried out on January 13, according to these same lawyers. The order dated January 25 from the guardianship judge notes that “dissension exists between the three children of Mr. Alain Delon, particularly regarding his medical care and the practitioners in charge of his follow-up.”

“It is necessary, in view of the conflict surrounding the adult, that a judicial agent for the protection of adults, neutral and impartial, be designated to assist them,” adds the text.

A one-year renewable measure

The safeguard of justice is a short-term protection measure (one year renewable once), which allows an adult to be represented to carry out certain acts of everyday life, specifies the site.

It is most often pronounced, but not necessarily, while awaiting the opening of guardianship or curatorship. Curatorship allows a vulnerable person to act alone for routine acts but to be assisted and controlled by their curator for more important acts. Guardianship is much more restrictive since the guardian, appointed by the judge, represents the person in all patrimonial acts of civil life.

Since the beginning of January, the star’s three children have been waging a fratricidal war, through the media and justice, each swearing to want to protect the cinema legend, in declining health since a stroke in 2019.

His sons, Anthony, 59, and Alain-Fabien, 29, believe that Alain Delon is being manipulated by their sister, Anouchka, 33, who would have hidden his state of health from them and would like to bring him back to Switzerland. Frank Berton, who represents the actor’s daughter, told AFP that Anouchka Delon “is pleased like [him] that justice has appointed a representative and has taken up the difficulty. This is a good thing “.